Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Little Green Monster Lives in Your Fro

Do You Have Hair Envy?

I have.  Sometime I look at someone else’s hair and I think, “Why not me?  If only my hair was longer and my curls looser and bigger.” 

Hair envy can be good, if it is a motivating factor to properly caring for your hair.  By learning about the other persons hair, we may find new products that work for us, or we may begin to protective style to retain our length.  We may even be exposed to new practices that benefit our hair.  But, natural hair is an investment.  The pay off - be it healthy hair, full hair, or long hair - can take years!  (Why oh why didn’t I big chop after my daughter was born, when I had the chance?)  So, because our goals are so far away, we envy those who have already been there, done that.  But there is a dark side to hair envy.   Hair Hating.  It doesn’t have to be that you covet someone else’s hair.  It could be that you judge someone else’s hair.

“Why is her hair so dry looking?”
“Her fro is so uneven!”
“Why isn’t her hair growing?”
“Her twist out is a mess!”
“Why does she constantly protective style?”

Have you ever thought these words, or for our bolder readers, said them out loud?

Let’s be real, we have all Hair Hated before.  Its normal to compare ourselves to others, and as humans, we all want to come out on top.  But remember, as you are hating on others, they could be hating on you too (holds up mirror).  

Being natural is hard enough.  I expect women with straight hair to hate on me because I am going against the status quo (I am proudly wearing the hair that they make concerted efforts to eliminate).  But from other naturals, this type of behavior is self serving and destructive.  So instead of trying to tear our fellow naturalista’s down, let’s try to build them up.  Share your regimen.  Share your products.  Share your love of hair.  Let’s all attain our goals together. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spiking Products and Product Review on Suave Naturals Conditioner, Tropical Coconut

So, once again I am trying a new a conditioner.  Why am I looking for a conditioner when Tresemee Naturals has treated me so good?  I don't know.  Maybe I'm an undercover product junkie?  Maybe I keep seeing other conditioners for $1.50 and my cheap side comes out?  Maybe I don't know a good thing when I have it?  Who knows.  Anyway, I tried Suave Naturals Conditioner Tropical Coconut.

Water (Aqua), Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Fragrance (Parfum), Distearyldimonium Chloride, Disodium EDTA, Glycerin, 2 Bromo 2 Nitropropane 3, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Propylene Glycol, Silk Amino Acid, Honey/Mel, Nettle (Urtica Dioica) Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Extract

So as you can see it is Silicone free which makes it CG Friendly.  It contains Glycerin, Silk Amino Acid, Honey, Nettle extract, Rosemary Extract and Coconut Extract.  These are not in the top 5 ingredients mind you, so who knows how much of these are actually present in the mix, but it gives me peace of mind.


This will not replace my Tresemee Naturals.  However, i have to say that it gets an honorable mention.  When I first used it, my hair was slightly dry and didn't hang as much as the Tresemee made it hang.  But it was $1.50 and I didn't want to waste the bottle.  I was determined to make it work but I didn't know how.  Fast forward to that night when I am washing my daughters hair.  I am trying to not use sulfate shampoo or conditioners with silicone on her hair anymore (Even though Hello Hydration and Suave Professionals were working wonders on her hair).  So, I did one last sulfate shampoo to get out the residue from all of her silicone heavy conditioners.  I had the shampoo in my hand and I thought to myself, ADD OLIVE OIL SO IT DOESN'T STRIP HER HAIR.  And that's what I did.  I took a quarter sized amount of shampoo, added an equal amount of olive oil, and washed her hair.  Her hair felt clean, but not stripped.  Awesome!  I followed that up with the Suave Naturals.  I again thought to myself, IT WORKED FOR THE SHAMPOO, WHY NOT THE CONDITIONER.  So, I added an equal amount of olive oil, and it ended up working really well to soften and moisturize her hair.  Then I thought to myself, I CAN'T BRING OLIVE OIL INTO THE SHOWER.  I'D SLIP AND KILL MYSELF.  THEN HOW WOULD I UPDATE MY BLOG?  MAYBE I SHOULD JUST ADD OLIVE OIL TO THE BOTTLE.  And I did.  I added I don't know how much olive oil to the bottle of conditioner and shook until the contents of the bottle turned a light green.  The next day I decided to co-wash with Suave Naturals again and Lo and Behold, NO MORE DRYNESS.  Sure, my hang time wasn't the best, but at least my hair was moisturized.  So, I am faithfully rotating my Suave Naturals with my Tresemee Naturals.  Need less to say, both of the bottles are now slightly green.

In short, I really like this conditioner, when I spike it with olive oil that is. 

What are your thoughts on Suave Naturals Coconut Conditioner?  Have you ever Spiked your product with oil?

**Note - Spiking was not my idea.  I remember reading it somewhere, tho I don't remember where.  Anyway, it works**



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

30 Day Protective Style Challenge for October

After doing the Curly Girl Method for 30 days, I gotta tell you, I need a break. Washing, detangling, styling, and air drying my hair every 2 to 3 days is getting tiresome.  I need a change.  Plus, its getting kinda cold out there.  So, with October only a week and a half away, I decided to make a new challenge for myself: Protective Style for 30 days.  Mind you, i'll still be following the CGM by co-washing with Silicone free Shampoos and Conditioners, LOCing and deep conditioning weekly.

I am still debating on what to do as a protective style.  I would love to do mini twist, but I always look at the end game... how long is this going to take me to take down?  I do not want to spend 3 hours taking down a style.  Mini braids would be even more time to take down but they would be more durable.  At this point, I don't even feel like sitting for 4 hours to put in mini twist.  The lazy part of my brain is telling me to go to a shop and have them put them in without adding hair.  The frugal side of my brain is saying to call in a few favors.  The realistic side of my brain is telling me to get off my butt, go get a trim, and take an afternoon and put my twist in.   Only time will tell.

Who wants to join me for a 30 day protective style challenge!!!!!

                                                                                                                                           -- Seven

Sunday, September 16, 2012

PhotoShoot Madness!

We recently did a photo shoot in the park.  Check it out.

This post is photo heavy so please allow time for them to load.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Change your Regimen, Change your Life

So, the thing about switching regimen's, is that YOUR WHOLE LIFE CHANGES.  Before using the Curly Girl Method (from here on known as CGM), I washed my hair once, maybe twice a week.  The first wash I clarified, did a deep conditioner, washed out w/ a conditioner, applied leave in, coconut oil, Curl Enhancing Smoothie or Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugary Pomade, and styled in twist, bantu knots, braids or a fro.  I did not stray from this regimen.  If I had to do a mid week wash, I co-washed only or did a deep conditioner overnight and co-washed in the morning.  

Now, with CGM, I am washing my hair almost every other or every third day, or whenever my curls start to look... Blah.  It isn't really a regimen, I just co-wash my hair when it's looking rough, add some leave in conditioner, coconut oil, gel and go.  So what is the problem?  Because I am washing my hair so often, I forget to deep condition.  I have not deep conditioned in two weeks, and it feels like my hair is missing something.  I usually deep condition with My Shea Butter Whip + Tresemee Naturals Conditioner (a dollup) + EVOO + EVCO + Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Hair Masque.  Sometimes I add melted honey too.  From here on out, I will be DC'ing twice a week, overnight Tuesday and overnight Saturday. I am wondering if I need a protein in there somewhere, so I am considering adding coconut milk to my DC.  I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, I did an overnight deep condition last night and man oh man.  I was definitely missing something... the baby softness.  My hair is like butter!  It is so soft that I couldn't bring myself to gel it this morning, so I just put some coconut oil in it, put a head band on and went about my business.  My curls are there, they just aren't as defined.  Any guess what?  My hair is dry.  I washed it at 730, its now noon and my hair is dry already!  I'm loving life.  I'll get back on my gel grind... eventually.  But for now, I'm really enjoying touching my hair.

On the bright side, my hair is starting to curl.  Like... curl.  Can you see the curls??  I am kinda giddy right now.  Don't mind me.

Do you do CGM?  When do you deep condition?

                                                                                                                                             -- Seven

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The 30 Day Curly Girl Challenge - Week One

So I have been using the Curly Girl Method for about a week now.

The curly girl method was pioneered by Lorraine Massey in her book, THE CURLY GIRL HANDBOOK.  In a nutshell, you are co-washing frequently with sulfate and silicone free conditioners. Only finger detangling is allowed (no combs or brushes).  Your styler is normally gel.  You must allow your hair it air dry and keep your fingers out of it until it is dry in order to keep the hair super hydrated, and keep your curls frizz free and springy.

My thoughts so far?  I like it.  I enjoy washing my hair.  I find finger detangling very easy and I am losing much less hair now then I lost combing.  After just seven days I find that my curls are becoming more defined and they are clumping together better.  My hair is less fro-y and more curly.  My hair feels moisturized and touchable.  I am able to squeeze an extra day out of my washes by doing a twist out on day 3 and washing my hair on day 4.  Can I just say that my twist outs are coming out amazing because I still have eco styler gel in my hair and the hold is awesome!

There are some cons though.  My hair takes a full 24 hours to dry, and not touching my hair is driving me a little nuts.  I don't like how the gel makes my hair crunchy (though oil and a little more conditioner takes care of most of that on my second day).  I am used to my hair being super soft and in bantu knot outs, so this is a change.  Speaking of gel, I am using a lot of it.  Sure, its alcohol free, but it's still a lot of gel.  Its not adversely effecting my hair in any way, I just am not used to using that much gel personally.  And i think that because gel is getting on my face from shaking my hair, its making my face break out.

All in all, I am using a lot less products using this method and my hair is really changing.  

Catch up with me on week 2 for more results!

                                                                                                                                       -- Seven 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

30 Day Curly Girl Challenge - Wash Day Routine

Here is my entire wash day routine.  

I start off with a hair mask made up of Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Mask and coconut oil (Hot Tip From Curly Nikki).  I let that sit for 15 minutes under a shower cap.  After that, I hopped in the shower and co-washed and detangled with Tresemee Naturals Conditioner.  I squeezed out the excess water with an old T-Shirt and applied a small amount of Tresemee Naturals as a leave in.  I know that I said that I didn't like to leave regular conditioner in my hair, but I thought that this would weigh down my hair and give me more hang time (IT DID!)  I then coated my hair with coconut oil.  I roughly sectioned my hair and shingled with Eco Styler Gel.  I set my curls by shaking and fluffing vigorously.
Enjoy the video!   

                                                                                                                                            -- Seven

Thursday, September 6, 2012


We are running a new monthly series called HAIRSPIRATIONS, spotlighting Naturalistas who inspire us to embrace our natural curls, kinks and coils.

Meet Rachael, our very first Hairspirations Spotlight Diva.

How long have you been natural?
All my life.

Have you ever felt pressured to relax your hair?
I actually like my hair better curly.  I used to get my hair pressed and blown out.  I ended up having to big chop 5 inches of hair, because of a stylist who overdid it with heat and who did not use a heat protectant. 

Why do you think that there is a movement to go natural now, and what do you think of that movement?
There was an article linking relaxers to cancer that I read.  I think that had a lot to do with it.  Women don’t want a bunch of chemicals in their hair anymore. 
Also, there are so many women who are natural, that it’s easier to go natural these days.  Its like, “I love your hair.  I can do that too!” 
On top of that, the economy is bad.  People just don’t have money to get their hair done like they used to. 
I think that going natural is a good thing.  You should embrace your hair and have fun with it.

What is your regimen?
Well, for the summer I co-wash my hair every day.  At night I normally put conditioner in my hair, put a shower cap on, and tie a scarf over that.  In the morning, my hair is mostly detangled.  I then wet it in the shower, add some Devacurl conditioner and finger detangle, shake and go.

What are some hair tips for new naturals?
I think that a lot of naturals cut their hair and are disappointed with the curls that they have.  They cut it thinking that their curls are going to be something else.  Or they go looking for the perfect product which is going to give them curls that they don’t have.  They may not realize that there are so many things that shorter hair can do that longer hair can’t.  Plus their hair is so much easier to manage then longer hair may be.  They should embrace the curls that they have and have fun with them.

What are some hair tips for women who have been natural for a while?
Don’t get stuck in a rut.  When women first big chop, there is so much excitement in learning about their hair and finding new ways to do their hair.  Try to find that excitement again with your hair.    

What are your favorite products?
Anything DevaCurl.

Where can we follow your journey?

If you would like to be featured as one of our Hairspirations, email us at

Monday, September 3, 2012

30 Day Curly Girl Method Challenge -- Achieving Second Day Hair

Hi Guys! Its Seven again.  
I'm still doing my 30 day Curly Girl Method Challenge.  Its day 2 and I have a long way to go.
This is a brief video on how I achieve second day hair.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week One of Seven's 30 Day Curly Girl Challenge

- I will be using Tresemee Naturals Moisturizing Conditioner for my co-washes,
Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel for my Styler, and my fingers to detangle.  To set my
curls, I will shake my hair side to side, front to back, upside down, and around
in a circle.  I will not touch my hair until it is fully dry.

- Once my hair is dry I will scrunch with grapeseed oil or coconut oil.

- I will spritz and seal my hair every morning.  I will use oil on my scalp nightly
as well.  I will sleep with a satin bonnet.

- I will be co-washing my hair 2 to 3 times per week (most likely Sunday,
Wednesday and Friday).

- For those that care, I would classify my hair as 4b/4c hair (B on the top and
back, C on the crown and sides).

I'll be doing other videos that show my regimen step by step, how my hair looks before the gel and after the gel, the hair shake, and my second and third day hair.  Enjoy!


Help! My husband brought me the wrong Shea Butter!

I love my husband, don't get me wrong.  But he is not natural. He only uses one product on his hair, Pert Shampoo.  So, when I sent him out for Shea Butter, I should have sent specific instructions.  But I didn't.  I trusted that he had been closely observing my natural hair routine (what was I thinking?) and knew what my holy grail products were.  He had to at least know what products to avoid, like mineral oil or petroleum.  Being natural had taken over my life,  it must have taken over his too, right???  Nope.  He came home with Palmers Shea Butter Formula from Walmart.  Really?  Really?  Needless to say, I have had to do some serious training on products, and he has improved!  I am so proud of him!  

In my home, going natural was not an individual process.  When I went natural, everyone in the house was effected!  Suddenly, my three year old talks about her natural hair journey, or about conditioning her hair.  She knows that she is natural, and so is mommy.  Suddenly, my husband is doing my child's co-washes and knows that before she goes to bed, she is required to wear a head scarf.  Its like a whole new world has opened up to them.  Its amazing!  My most touching moment was during a particularly tough time after I big chopped.  My hair was a mess and I had no idea what to do with it.  My husband sat me down and gave me a hug as he said, "Don't worry, you'll get it.  Its a journey right?" 

What about you?  How has going natural effected your household?  Does your significant other support your natural hair journey?  


Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Have you committed hair adultery?  Did it ruin you and your hairs relationship?

I used to think that me and my hair had an open relationship.  I could use whatever product that I wanted, and my hair would always forgive me in the end.  That all ended last week.

I can normally stray from my old faithful Tresemee Naturals conditioner without major consequences.  My hair would act up slightly, but it would always come back to its normal, moisturized, soft self in the end.  I've tried Trader Joe's Nourishing Spa Conditioner, Aussie Moist, and Wen among others.  They've been OK, nothing to write home about.  In the end, I always came back to Tresemee Naturals and my hair was happy again.  After hearing Willows rave reviews about VO5 conditioner, I decided to give it a try.  We used the same leave in conditioner (Giovanni Direct Leave In) and oils, why not the same conditioner?  Apparently, this betrayal was the last straw for my hair.  It freaked out!  It started to shed and break, threatening to walk out on me.  It was dry, it was brittle.  It defied any style that I tried.  If my hair had a Facebook, I'm sure that our relationship status would have changed to: Its Complicated.

After playing fast and loose with products, my hair revolted.  I panicked.  I had to do something.  I had to win back my hairs favor.  I decided to start with our version of flowers and chocolates -- deep conditioner.  I did an over night deep conditioner (recipe coming soon).  My hair purked up a bit, but it took some convincing that I would not stray so far again.  After three straight days of co-washing with my Tresemee, my hair finally came back to life.  We are again in a committed relationship.

What about you?  What happens when you stray from your staple products?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Naturals on the Run...

We are debuting a new series called, Naturals on the Run.  It will highlight naturals divas in the community.

Meet Tristine who big chopped 1 year ago (August 2011) and has been loving it ever since!

She was first relaxed at the age of 6 or 7, and experienced excessive breakage and shedding.  Her next relaxer was in high school because she wanted to fit in with the "in-crowd". After experiencing issues with growth and breakage, Tristine decided she wanted hair that was healthier and half the cost!  She decided to transition while pregnant using braids as her preferred method.

Being a mother, she has a very simple regimen. She washes, moisturizes and seals using products from the Shea Moisture line as well as the Carols Daughter line.

When asked what advice she'd give to anyone contemplating going natural she replied, "It's the only way to go for healthy hair".

Tristine has a 4 year old daughter whom she plans on keeping natural until she's old enough to decide what she wants for herself.

We think Tristine is a beautiful inside and out! Thanks for being our first Natural on the Run!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Cubicle Can't Hide My Fro

When I big chopped, there was a big too doo about it at work.

Some people loved it:  "I love short hair on you".
Some people ignored it.
Some people stared at it.
Some people just wanted to touch it.
They compared it, "You look just like Esperanza Spalding!" 
Questioned it, "Where did your hair go?... I know sometimes you people like to hide it in there".
Hated on it, "Why did you cut all of your hair off?!"
And wondered about it, "Is she about to rise up and overcome?  How will that effect her productivity?  How can she fit her headset over her hair?"

It was no biggie.  I was used to all of the hair questions from my co-workers.  When I had a phony pony it was, "How did you get your hair to grow so long so quickly?"  When I had braids it was, "How long did that take?  Did you do it yourself?  Did it hurt?  Whose hair is it?  How do you wash it?"
And now that I'm natural it is, "So, when are you going to do your hair?" or "You want to color your hair?  I thought that you were natural"  or "Why do you have so many hair products?  So much for being natural".

Honestly, I did not know that people had so many strong opinions about my hair.  Half these people don't even say Good Morning, and now they want to make comments about my hair style?  It was off putting, to say the least.

Yes, once you go natural, or do any sort of change to your hair for that matter, everyone becomes a Hair Reporter.  They want to know who, what, when, where, why and how.  But, it all must be handled with grace and a smile, less you become the ABC (Angry Black Co-Worker).  Here is how I handle common hair questions from people who, lets face it, just don't understand:

Why did you cut your hair?  I wanted to wear my hair without a relaxer, so I cut it.
When are you going to do your hair?  It is done.  This is called a twist out/bantu knot out/two strand twist/afro puff style.
You can't color your hair, your natural!  Being natural just means wearing your hair without a relaxer in it.  It has nothing to do with hair color.
Why do you use so many products?  I thought that you were natural!  I really only use variations of the same 3 products (conditioner, shampoo, and moisturizer).  I shampoo, condition, and moisturize my hair, just like you do.
I don't like your hair!  That's funny, because I don't like you.

So what about you?  How do you deal with natural hair questions and comments in the workplace?
-- Seven

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Story of a Transitioner

Relaxed at 7 Years Old
I've always had moderately healthy hair for a good part of my life.  Of course there was the occasional upset i.e.: a scissor happy hairdresser, burnt scalp, etc. But I was never really unhappy with relaxed hair. It was probably because it’s all I ever knew as I’ve been relaxed since the age of 5 or 6. It wasn’t until my hairdresser of 7 years moved 10 hours away from me, making it impossible to follow her that I decided I needed to find something to do with my hair. But what?

The answer was simple really: find another beautician to do my relaxers! That sounded like a good idea until I left the salon with scabs around my edges! I had about two inches of edges left by the time it was all said and done! I was so angry! It had taken me forever to grow out my edges since the last time they had fallen out! Anyway I decided to do my own relaxers! If my hair was going to be jacked up, at least I’d only have me to blame for it. 

My Relaxed Hair was Long and Healthy
And jacked up it was! What was I thinking! I am not by any means a hairdresser! My hair thus began to fall out; it was over-processed in some areas and under-processed in others. You know what I need a new plan, I thought to myself.  Hence, my love–affair with YouTube. I needed to find some people with healthy hair and start doing whatever it was they were doing! I came across a multitude of natural hair sisters! It was like an epiphany!  The thought of going natural had never even crossed my mind, it was like a foreign concept!  I should try thisBut is this even doable for me?  I wondered. You could find me at the salon getting my touch-ups every 6-8 weeks, religiously! My new growth was scary to me, no one had ever taught me how to do my natural hair! Against all odds however I was up for the challenge.

Ergo today, I have recently become a transitioner *applause here*.  I plan to present to you all of my soul-bearing accounts during my somewhat intimidating (for now) hair journey. We can learn from one another so I hope you’ll join me.  


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Five Secrets To Keep Your Hair Moisturized

 By Seven

     My Relaxed Days
How come when i was relaxed, I barely ever had to moisturize my hair?  I greased my scalp sometimes, but I don't remember ever having a regimen.  I went every two weeks to the beauty salon and they never said that my hair or scalp was dry.  My hair didn't look dry.  I wrapped it some times, but not every night.  I combed it down with a fine tooth comb, sprayed some oil sheen on it, and walked out of the door.  No silk scarves, no satin pillow cases, nothing.  And yet, my hair seemed to be in good health.  My natural locks... not so much.

When I big chopped, I wish that I knew that I had to actually put work into keeping my hair moisturized.  Would that have swayed my decision?  No, but I would have been better prepared.

Anyhow, after weeks of trial and error, I have found a way to keep my hair moisturized, and now I would like to share that process with you:

Always Sleep With My Hair Wrapped in a Satin Scarf or Sleep on a Satin Pillowcase

Miss M's Satin Cap

Cotton tends to rub the hair and make it frizzy and dry.  Satin glides over the hair instead.  Not only does this practice keep my hair moisturized and frizz free, but it also keeps my daughters braids looking less frizzy longer.  For the nights that she doesn't want to keep her satin scarf on, she at least has the satin pillow case.  She has since fooled me and started sleeping on the wrong side of the bed (i.e feet on the pillow).  Oh well, you do the best you can.

The LOC Method

Oh My Goodness.  This has saved my life!  The LOC method is the single greatest thing (besides bantu knots) that I have discovered since becoming natural.  LOC'ing is a way to keep your hair moisturized longer.  

LOC stands for liquid, oil, cream.  My liquid is normally freshly washed, dripping wet hair followed by GIOVANI DIRECT LEAVE IN CONDITIONER.  This stuff is the truth!  It really softens up my hair, its not heavy, and it smells good.  A word of caution, it can leave your hair whitish if you use too much, but I use about a quarter size amount for my hair.  If I go overboard with it (as I sometimes do) I just ring my hair out with a T-Shirt and that eliminates the excess and the white residue.  

My oil is Grapeseed oil in the summer, and will be Coconut oil in the winter.  Why do I have two different oils?  Simple, I cant stand it when coconut oil melts.  Plus I refuse to put it in the refrigerator.  Which one do I like better? I prefer coconut oil.  I think that it keeps my hair softer, stronger and I prefer the smell.  Maybe I can melt the coconut oil, put it in an applicator bottle, and use it that way?  Hmmm... I like that idea.  Anyway, onto the cream.  

Like my oil, I have two creams, a winter and a summer.  In the winter, I will use my Shea Butter Whip.  In the summer I use Burnt Sugary Pomade by Oyin Handmade.  I feel like glycerin dries my hair in the summer humidity, so I reserve my Shea Butter Whip for a deep conditioner in the summer months (Deep Conditioner recipe coming soon).  The Burnt Sugary Pomade smells like caramel and it really helps keep my hair's moisture from floating away into never never land. Soft hair and candy smells all day?  Yes please!

Deep Conditioning

I deep condition one or two times per week.  My motto is, WHEN IN DOUBT, DEEP CONDITION.  If my hair is in twist, I will deep condition before putting them in and after taking them out.  If I am wearing an OUT style (braid out, twist out, bantu knot out, puff) then I deep condition twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday).  For my midweek deep conditioner, I will normally use either Aussie 3 minute miracle or Tresemee Naturals Conditioner.  Either way, I mix them with some Olive Oil and let it sit for about 15 or 20 minutes before rinsing it out and co-washing it again for good measure.  My DEEP deep conditioners I let sit overnight.

Refresher Spritz

I have a refresher spray bottle for when I need that extra boost midweek.  It's about a quarter bottle of olive oil and the rest is water.  I shake it before I spray to make sure that I am getting a good mix.  Shea Moisture Hold and Shine is good for this as well.


I will be the first to admit that my diet is not the best, but I do try to drink about 64 ounces of water a day (and I succeed most days).  I also try to eat a lot of green veggies with dinner.  I believe that this helps keep my hair and body healthy.

There you go.  My secrets for moisture.  I'm sure that as my hair grows, some of this will change.  But for now, this is what it is.

So tell me, what are your moisture secrets? 


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY Shea Whip w/ Video

Many new naturals have asked, what is the LOC Method?  And, how does it relate to my hair's moisture?

The LOC Method  is a way of keeping (or locking) the moisture into your hair.  LOC stands for liquid, oil, cream.  The most common way to LOC your hair is to begin with either wet hair (either spritzed or freshly washed) or a water based leave in conditioner, add a light oil, then finish with a heavy cream.  For some, this heavy cream is Shea Butter.  Shea Butter can be obtained online, at a health food store, or at a beauty supply store.

For maximum benefits, we have added several other oils as well as Aloe Vera Gel (for moisture and to PH Balance the hair) to create our Shea Whip.  This Shea Whip can be used for sealing the hair (or the C in the LOC method), twisting, bantu knots, deep conditioning, shine and smoothing.  Below, you will find out what ingredients go into our Shea Whip.  We will post more about the LOC method, as well how to deep condition and twist with this Shea Whip in post to come.  As always, you will be able to see how to do this if you are transitioning or if you are big chopped.


Monday, August 13, 2012


Welcome to Naturally Naturals.  This blog will follow a Transitioner (Willow) and a Big Chopper (Seven) as they embark on their Natural Hair Journey.  It will include Hair Care Tips, Styling Tutorials, Product Reviews, Giveaways, and the every day joys and trials of being natural from two working women who are starting out on their journey.

Here is our first video, introducing who we are and our favorite products.  Enjoy!