Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Story of a Transitioner

Relaxed at 7 Years Old
I've always had moderately healthy hair for a good part of my life.  Of course there was the occasional upset i.e.: a scissor happy hairdresser, burnt scalp, etc. But I was never really unhappy with relaxed hair. It was probably because it’s all I ever knew as I’ve been relaxed since the age of 5 or 6. It wasn’t until my hairdresser of 7 years moved 10 hours away from me, making it impossible to follow her that I decided I needed to find something to do with my hair. But what?

The answer was simple really: find another beautician to do my relaxers! That sounded like a good idea until I left the salon with scabs around my edges! I had about two inches of edges left by the time it was all said and done! I was so angry! It had taken me forever to grow out my edges since the last time they had fallen out! Anyway I decided to do my own relaxers! If my hair was going to be jacked up, at least I’d only have me to blame for it. 

My Relaxed Hair was Long and Healthy
And jacked up it was! What was I thinking! I am not by any means a hairdresser! My hair thus began to fall out; it was over-processed in some areas and under-processed in others. You know what I need a new plan, I thought to myself.  Hence, my love–affair with YouTube. I needed to find some people with healthy hair and start doing whatever it was they were doing! I came across a multitude of natural hair sisters! It was like an epiphany!  The thought of going natural had never even crossed my mind, it was like a foreign concept!  I should try thisBut is this even doable for me?  I wondered. You could find me at the salon getting my touch-ups every 6-8 weeks, religiously! My new growth was scary to me, no one had ever taught me how to do my natural hair! Against all odds however I was up for the challenge.

Ergo today, I have recently become a transitioner *applause here*.  I plan to present to you all of my soul-bearing accounts during my somewhat intimidating (for now) hair journey. We can learn from one another so I hope you’ll join me.  


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